• Teuksun Jaksul Green Tea Pyramid Sachet
  • Hwang Cha (partially oxidized tea) Pyramid Sachet
  • Pyramid Sachet

Tea Pyramid Sachet Duo


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We have packaged our most popular artisan teas in pyramid sachets. The sachet will balloon out in a mug or teapot, allowing for the same full experience as steeping loose leaf tea.

Teuksun Jaksul Green Tea (10 sachets) - Hand-harvested right before and after Ibha*, it is difficult not to appreciate the complexity of this tea. Teuksun still has the delicate and sweet flavor remnants of the first flush harvest leaves, which are interwoven beautifully with more mature, robust tones. Slightly sweet with an invigorating aroma, this tea is pleasing to the senses. *Ibha = first day of summer (7th of the 24 seasonal divisions of the lunar calendar, falls on the 5th or 6th of May) [Contains 10 pyramid sachets]

Hwang Cha - Gold (10 sachets) - Partially oxidized and pan-fired, Hwang Cha is recognized for its elegant and bold aroma that makes a statement every time you steep it. Made with first flush tea leaves, Hwang Cha steeps a clear, amber liquor that is smooth on the palate. The deep and complex nuances of this full-bodied tea ends with a subtly sweet finish that lingers on. [Contains 10 pyramid sachets]

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