Green tea, Jaksul cha
  • Green tea, Jaksul cha
  • Pyramid Sachet
  • Pyramid Sachet canister
  • Gamnong Green Tea Pyramid Sachet
  • Teuksun Green Tea Pyramid Sachet
  • Jungsun Green Tea Pyramid Sachet

Jaksul Green Tea Pyramid Sachet Trio

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Intense flavors and an exquisite bouquet, combined together in a clear bright green, clears the mind and spirit, making it ideal for relaxation.

We have packaged our most popular artisan teas in pyramid sachets. The sachet will balloon out in a mug or teapot, allowing for the same full experience as steeping loose leaf tea.

Gamnong Jaksul Green Tea (10 sachets)
Teuksun Jaksul Green Tea (10 sachets)
Jungsun Jaksul GreenTea (10 sachets)

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