Green tea , Jaksul cha
  • Green tea , Jaksul cha
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  • Gamnong Green Tea - dry leaf
  • Gamnong Green Tea - steeped liquor
  • Gamnong Green Tea - wet leaf

Gamnong Green Tea [10 pyramid sachets]


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Clear as morning dew, Gamnong, a first flush tea, contains bright crisp and pure flavor tones and the soft bouquet of a spring day right after a light shower.

We have packaged our most popular artisan teas in pyramid sachets. The sachet will balloon out in a mug or teapot, allowing for the same full experience as steeping loose leaf tea.

[Contains 10 pyramid sachets]

Origin: South Korea (Honam Tea Estate)

Ingredients: 100% Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis)

Harvest Time: Hand-harvested in April

Grade: Sejak 

Taste: Bright, crisp & pure, the depth & intensity is further enhanced by the lingering sweetness that remains.

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