• Hydrangea Leaf Tisane  - dry leaves
  • Hydrangea Leaf Tisane - 15g canister
  • Wild Persimmon Leaf Tisane - dry leaves
  • Wild Persimmon Leaf Tisane - 20g canister

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Hydrangea Leaf Tisane (15g) Often referred to as Gamro Cha, this tisane comes from a specific species of hydrangea plant found in the high-altitude mountains of South Korea (not the same as the flowers found in your backyard!). This medicinal herb steeps a light golden color with a natural sweet flavor that lingers in the mouth. Shown to be effective for stopping cough, alleviation of fever and heart disease, it is also used as a natural sweetening agent (an alternative for sugar - safe for diabetics), hydrangea will purify and refresh the head and throat.[Contains 15g loose leaves]

Persimmon Leaf Tisane (20g) - Abundant in nutrients, the persimmon leaves are harvested from wild trees grown naturally in remote valleys deep in the mountains in early June. Like a familiar childhood blanket that envelopes you with its rich bouquet of comforting warmth, this tisane will help sooth away the strains of everyday life. Sweet at first, the tisane rounds out nicely at the back of the mouth and throat with a whisper of spiciness and a clean finish.  [Contains 20g loose leaves] 

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