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Organic Powdered Green Tea - Culinary Grade Sampler


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Traditionally considered the base of all tea, powdered green tea has been adored for its exquisitely smooth taste and vegetal fragrance. High in antioxidants and containing just the right amount of caffeine, powdered green tea is the perfect alternative to coffee. Made of 100% USDA and Korea organic certified tea leaves.

Ideal for cooking and baking, also delicious mixed with milk or yogurt.
*Put it in batter for bread, cake, noodles, etc. Sprinkle a bit on fish or meat dishes as well as ramen. It will enhance the flavor, color and level of culinary goodness. Use it also to give your skin a boost as an ingredient in facial packs.

Origin: South Korea (Honam Tea Estates)

Ingredients: Organic Tea Leaves (Camellia Sinensis)

Grade: Culinary grade, harvested in summer, ceramic-ball milled

Taste: Robust and full-bodied.

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Each of our samplers contain enough for 3-5 servings.


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