Matcha bowl
  • Matcha bowl

Toin (Gim, Yeong-Seol) Ceremonial Tea Bowl - Beige

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Artist/Studio: Toin (Gim, Yeong-Seol)
Color/Design: Rough stone beige glaze

Hand-crafted, traditional Korean malcha* (powdered green tea) bowl. Also available in celadon.
*Malcha is the Korean pronunciation of the Hanja characters 抹茶 (matcha in Japanese, muocha in Chinese), directly translating to “powdered/ground down tea”.   

Diameter: 13.8cm

*Size, shape and color may vary due to the nature of the product being hand-made of natural materials.

"Within the influential waves of globalization, I focused on creating pottery that embodies my homeland, Korea. Using clay and natural materials indigenous to my country, I created pottery that represents the colors and forms of Korean culture and traditions. Contrasting the digitalized, fast paced lifestyles of today’s world, I hope to evoke the forgotten nostalgic sentiments of my country as one sits down to steal a moment of silence with a relaxing cup of tea." - Toin (Gim, Yeong-Seol)


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