Honam Tea Estate

Hankook Tea directly manages the operation and production of Honam Tea Estate. The complete control over the tea has allowed Hankook Tea to take quality to new levels, creating a taste of integrity within each sip.

The locations for our Honam Tea Estate have been carefully chosen for their ideal localities for producing the best teas grown in Korea. Before planting, each location had been examined for ideal temperatures, abundant rainfall, rich soil conditions and natural beauty. To ensure taste consistency in our teas, year after year, the tea estates are strategically distanced from each other throughout the province of Jeolla-namdo.

Upholding strict standards, Honam Tea Estate uses eco-friendly agricultural methods that are harmonious with its surrounding environment. Each tender leaf is allowed to grow at its natural pace, free from pesticides.

Cultivated by Hankook Tea and Honam Tea Estate.

  Jangsung Tea Plantation (13 acres)
Nokjin-ri, Jangsung-gun, Jeolla-namdo 

Jangsung Tea Plantation was established in 1965 and has recently been officially certified as organic. Located in the northernmost point of the province of Jeolla-namdo, the cooler climate makes this tea estate ideal for tea shrubs reserved for malcha (powdered green tea).
  Youngam Tea Plantation (41 acres)
Unam-ri, Deokjin-myeon, Youngam-gun, Jeolla-namdo 

Established in 1979 on the foothills of Wol-Chul Mountain, Youngam Tea Plantation is our biggest and most productive of our tea estate. The pristine lines of this plantation's tea shrubs are recognized as one of Korea's finest, possessing the most desirable flavors.
  Haenam Tea Plantation (17 acres)
Yeon-dong-ri, Haenam-eup, Haenam-gun, Jeolla-namdo 

Established in 1981, Haenam Tea Plantation is located in idyllic surroundings near the coast. The cool ocean breeze and abundant rainfall create the perfect climate for tea shrubs.

Best Sellers

Teuksun Green Tea [100g canister]

CODE: 9208

In stock
Hand-harvested right before and after Ibha *, it is difficult not to appreciate the complexity of this tea. Teuksun still has the delicate and sweet... More
1650 points
66 points

[Herbal Blend] 15 teabags - Pure Hydration by Suro Cha

CODE: 9505-3

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This herbal blend (from Suro Cha) of lotus leaves  persimmon leaves, and hydrangea leaves has delightfully sweet and cool breezy mint flavor that... More
400 points
16 points

Persimmon Leaf Tisane [12 individual sachets]

CODE: ES9310-2

In stock
Sweet at first, this persimmon leaf tisane rounds out nicely at the back of the mouth and throat with a whisper of spiciness and a clean finish. We... More
650 points
26 points

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