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Brown Rice Green Tea Sampler


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Minimum quantity for "Brown Rice Green Tea Sampler" is 1.

Origin: South Korea

Ingredients: Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis), Roasted Brown Rice

Havest Time: summer (tea leaves)

Taste: Crisp flavor of summer harvest green tea is interwoven perfectly with the toasty sweetness of roasted brown rice.

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Each of our samplers contain enough for 3-5 servings.

vs. Japanese Genmai:
The main difference lies in the ratio of brown rice to green tea as well as the process used for the brown rice.

Genmai tends to have a higher ratio of brown rice to add to a more toasty sweet flavor and a very suttle green tea taste. Our Hyunmi Nokcha (Korean BRGT) has a more even ratio of brown rice to green tea, allowing for the flavors of both to come out more evenly.

In Genmai, the brown rice is popped (many times, they will look like little popcorn). This, again, brings out more of the toasty sweet flavor. In our Hyunmi Nokcha (Korean BRGT), the brown rice is roasted, which produces more of a deep, roasted flavor.



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