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  • Green tea , Jaksul cha
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Teuksun Green Tea [100g canister]


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Hand-harvested right before and after Ibha*, it is difficult not to appreciate the complexity of this tea. Teuksun still has the delicate and sweet flavor remnants of the first flush harvest leaves, which are interwoven beautifully with more mature, robust tones. Slightly sweet with an invigorating aroma, this tea is pleasing to the senses.

*Ibha = first day of summer (7th of the 24 seasonal divisions of the lunar calendar, falls on the 5th or 6th of May)
 [Contains 100g loose leaves]

Origin: South Korea (Honam Tea Estate)

Ingredients: Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis)

Harvest Time: Hand-harvested in late spring

Grade: Sejak 

Taste: Delicate, sweet flavor remnants of first flush leaves, interwoven beautifully with mature, robust tones.


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