Herbal tisane
  • Herbal tisane
  • Chrysanthemum blossom tisane steeped in Glass Teapot with Metal Handle and Double Layered Glass Cups. Loose blossoms (unsteeped) in Bamboo Strainer with Long Handle.
  • Pyramid Sachet Steeped in Cup
  • Chrysanthemum Blossom - steeped liquor

Chrysanthemum Blossom Tisane [10 pyramid sachets]

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A bright golden infusion, the color of the liquor reflects its sunny flavor profile - crisp and clear with a delicate hint of mint. Enjoy the beauty of spring at any times as you watch the organic blossoms bloom in your cup.

[Contains 10 pyramid sachets]

Origin: South Korea

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum Blossoms

Taste: Sunny, crisp and clean with a delicate hint of mint.

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