• Gamnong Malcha (Powdered Green Tea) - retail package
  • Gamnong Malcha (Powdered Green Tea) - sifted powder
  • Gamnong Malcha (Powdered Green Tea) - whisked liquor (foam on top)
  • Gamnong Malcha (Powdered Green Tea) - liquor
  • Gamnong Malcha (Powdered Green Tea) - powder

Powdered Green Tea - Gamnong Malcha (Ceremonial) Sampler


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Minimum quantity for "Powdered Green Tea - Gamnong Malcha (Ceremonial) Sampler" is 1.

Origin: South Korea (Honam Tea Estates)

Ingredients: 100% Tea Leaves (Camellia Sinensis)

Grade: Ceremonial grade - partially shade grown, hand-harvested in April, stone-milled

Taste: Luxuriously smooth and slightly sweet with a light grassy aroma.

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Each of our samplers come in small ziploc polybags, and contain enough for 3-5 servings.

*Malcha is the Korean pronunciation of the Hanja characters 抹茶 (matcha in Japanese, muocha in Chinese), directly translating to “powdered/ground down tea”. 


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