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Hankook Tea Company has been in business since 1951, promoting the exquisite Art of Tea and the Philosophy of Friendship. With our stringent standards and dedication, we have continued our rich heritage and defined the modern history of exceptional teas and variety of tea ware.

If your establishment is interested in serving/retailing Hankook Tea products, please send us a "wholesale information request" to info@hankooktea.com, or give us a call. (We also have a drop-ship program available.) Please read our wholesale terms and conditions. Submitting any form means or contract you agree to all of our wholesale terms and conditions.

Upon review of your application, a representative will contact you. Please allow five business days for this process. Our toll-free number is 888.WAY.OF.TEA (929-6383). Contact us if you have any further questions.

Wholesale orders can now also be placed online!  Click here to create an online account.


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Best Sellers

Teuksun Green Tea [100g canister]

CODE: 9208

In stock
Hand-harvested right before and after Ibha *, it is difficult not to appreciate the complexity of this tea. Teuksun still has the delicate and sweet... More
1650 points
66 points

[Herbal Blend] 15 teabags - Pure Hydration by Suro Cha

CODE: 9505-3

In stock
This herbal blend (from Suro Cha) of lotus leaves  persimmon leaves, and hydrangea leaves has delightfully sweet and cool breezy mint flavor that... More
400 points
16 points

Persimmon Leaf Tisane [12 individual sachets]

CODE: ES9310-2

In stock
Sweet at first, this persimmon leaf tisane rounds out nicely at the back of the mouth and throat with a whisper of spiciness and a clean finish. We... More
650 points
26 points

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