Wholesale Account Terms and Conditions


HANKOOK TEA is pleased to offer wholesale pricing through HANKOOK TEA USA, INC, the North America branch of HANKOOK TEA COMPANY in South Korea.

COMPANY | Hankook Tea

HANKOOK TEA has been in business since 1951, promoting the exquisite Art of Tea and the Philosophy of Friendship. With our stringent standards and dedication, we have continued our rich heritage and defined the modern history of exceptional teas and variety of tea ware.

TEA & TISANE | Honam Tea Estate

HANKOOK TEA directly manages the operations and products of HONAM TEA ESTATES (located in South Korea), creating a taste of integrity within each step. The locations for our tea estate have been carefully chosen for their ideal localities for producing the best teas grown in Korea. Before planting, each location had been examined for ideal temperatures, abundant rainfall, rich soil conditions and natural beauty. To ensure taste consistency in our teas, year after year, the tea estates are strategically distanced from each other throughout the province of Jeolla-namdo (south-western part of South Korea). Upholding strict standards, HONAM TEA ESTATES uses eco-friendly agricultural methods that are harmonious with its surrounding environment. Each tender leaf is allowed to grow at its natural pace, free from pesticides.

A majority of our tisanes (herbals) are directly produced within our HONAM TEA ESTATES, upholding the same high standards as our teas (camellia sinensis). The same standards are held for tisanes produced by other micro-farmers we work with. Before putting our company name to any product, we make sure to inspect each process, starting from agricultural methods all the way to processing and packaging.

In 2008, our founder Yang Won Suh was appointed as the 34th Grand Master of Traditional Korean Foods by the Republic of Korea, awarded in superior production of Hwang Cha (partially oxidized tea) and Malcha* (powdered green tea). This is a distinguished title given to individuals in recognition of their extraordinary contributions in protecting and preserving the nation’s traditional agricultural methods, manufacturing processes and unique tastes of Korean culture. Since 1994, in effort to protect and preserve Korean food traditions, the South Korea Ministry of Agriculture has recognized a number of individuals.

Following in his father's footsteps and continuing the family legacy, current CEO Minsoo Seo was also appointed as the 54th "Grand Master of Traditional Korean Foods" by the Republic of Korea in 2013.

All Hankook Tea products are 100% natural, non-GMO, pesticide free, and fair trade. No articifial coloring, flavoring, additives or fillers are ever used in any of our products.

*Malcha is the Korean pronunciation of the Hanja characters 抹茶 (matcha in Japanese, muocha in Chinese), directly translating to “powdered/ground down tea.


HANKOOK TEA has built close relationships with various individual artists and artist groups in South Korea, working with them to make a wide range of high-quality teaware and accessories available. All of the teaware and accessories available through HANKOOK TEA is hand-made from natural materials. Because of this, the size, shape and color of each item may vary. Pricing will vary depending on how well known the artist(s) is and what material(s) is used. Inventory will frequently vary depending on the artist and availability in South Korea.

WHOLESALE ACCOUNT | Qualifications

HANKOOK TEA and HANKOOK TEA USA, INC sells wholesale to bona fide brick and mortar establishments as well as online retailers. In order to set up an account, please submit a signed wholeslae application. If the business is in the start-up process and a tax ID/seller’s permit number is not available, please provide that information as soon as it is available. If this information is not on file within three (3) months of opening the account, account will be closed and all purchases will be subject to be charged the retail price (current price at time of purchase).


Every wholesale order is subject to the same Terms & Conditions all other orders are subject to:

- Wholesale list prices are in U.S. dollars and for the wholesale trade only. Prices are subject to change without notice. Please contact HANKOOK TEA for the most up to date pricing information. Pricing stated do not include delivery fees. Sales tax applies to all orders placed under accounts that do not have a current tax ID or seller’s permit number on file at the time of order or purchase.

- Accounts are on a prepayment basis, unless prior approval has been obtained. Please contact us separately for a credit term. Credit terms may be given or removed at any time upon discretion of HANKOOK TEA.  

- Payments may be made by credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover), PayPal, Zelle, check or wire transfer. All payments must be to be cleared before order is shipped out. 

- Processing usually takes place immediately upon receiving the order. However, because of unforeseen circumstances, we ask that you allow two (2) business days for processing orders. Invoices and/or receipts are included in the shipment. If you prefer only a packing slip to be included (without prices) or would like to receive it separately by mail or email, please let us know at the time of the order. 

- On-site pickup is available free of charge. Local delivery is available free of charge for orders over $150.00 (A fee may be charged for less). Local refers to a location within a ten (10) mile radius of onsite sales office. Our onsite sales office is located in Los Angeles, California and is able to serve all your pick-up needs for item selection, packing and invoicing. Please contact us before visiting as we may be out during business hours for deliveries and/or meetings. 

- Shipping is done via USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail, FedEx Ground or UPS Ground, whichever is more efficient and cost effective. We have free ground shipping available for wholesale orders that meet certain requirements. Please inquire about this separately. International shipping is arranged with the customer at time of order. If a specific shipping service (i.e. Express, etc.) is required, the request must be made during the time of the order or within twenty-four (24) hours of placing the order. Shipping charges not calculated at the time of order will be added at time of shipping. If amount is greatly different from estimate given at time of order, we will confirm this amount before charging and shipping out. Tracking number will be provided via email - please provide one if you would like this information. 

- Each item is inspected for quality prior to shipment and is in good condition when packaged and shipped out. We make every effort to package our items carefully. However, due to circumstances out of our control, packages and items may be damaged upon arrival. All items should be inspected immediately upon receipt. Any problems with the quantity or damaged goods must be reported to us within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt. If damage is detected to the outside of the package at the time of receipt, please report directly to delivery driver.

- For broken and damaged items, we will give credit or send a replacement at no extra charge. If a part of a set (i.e. teapot from a tea set or lid of a cup) is broken or damaged, replacements and credits will given ONLY for the broken part. If an entire new set is requested, the original item sent needs to be returned. Shipping for returns will NOT be refunded.  

- Returns are accepted and will be refunded for items that meet the following qualifications (condition when received by HANKOOK TEA):

TEA & TISANE: Must be unopened and in its original packaging. The return must be made within three (3) months of the date of receipt. If not returned under these conditions, may be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Please contact us BEFORE shipping out returns in order to ensure proper processing.

- TEAWARE & ACCESSORIES: For 100% refund or credit, item must be in its original packaging and have no signs of wear or use. If an item or set is partially damaged or broken, refund/credit will only be given for the sellable portion. The return must be made within six (6) months of the date of receipt. If not returned under these conditions, may be subject to a 10% restocking fee. Please contact us BEFORE shipping out returns in order to ensure proper processing.

- Refunds will be made by: (1) original form of payment used to place order, (2) check in mail, or (3) credit on account for future use. Please let us know which method is preferred.

- Shipping for returns will not be refunded.


Orders may be subject to circumstance and conditions beyond our control. HANKOOK TEA and HANKOOK TEA USA, INC. shall not be liable for any delay or failure caused by fire, floods, pestilence, disease, natural disasters, strikes, labor disputes, civil commotion, delays or shortages of transportation, shortage in materials, government authority or regulation (whether valid or not), inclement, adverse or destructive weather conditions or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of HANKOOK TEA and HANKOOK TEA USA, INC.

While we make every effort to keep an accurate record of our inventory, items may become no longer be available due to unforeseen circumstances. Because all of our products are exported from South Korea, items placed on backorder may not be available for months at a time. For teaware and accessories, if an artists decides to no longer produce a certain item, we are no longer able to carry it. We will make every effort to communicate and work with you when such events occur. All such circumstances shall require HANKOOK TEA to refund that portion of the deposit represented by the lack of inventory.

All claims of damaged or missing goods must be made within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of shipped merchandise. HANKOOK TEA will make all efforts to correct any mistake made by its personnel but under no circumstances will HANKOOK TEA be responsible for more than the purchase price of the product.


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