Oxidized Tea

For thousands of years, the camellia sinensis have been the fundamental source for all "true tea", including white, green, hwang cha (partially oxidized), oolong and black teas. The name and grade of a tea depends on the harvest time and method of production. All true tea share similar health benefits, with the amount of each component (i.e. tannin, catechin, caffeine) varying.

Producing artisan teas since 1951, all our teas come from our own Honam Tea Estates, located throughout the Jeolla-namdo province of South Korea. 

Hwang Cha - Gold [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9322

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Smooth on the palate, the deep and complex nuances of this full-bodied Hwang Cha ends with subtly sweet finish that lingers on. We have packaged our... More
750 points
30 points

All Tea Gift Set [45 teabags]


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We have included a wide range of our artisan teas, tisanes and blends. Conveniently packed in teabags, making it ideal for use at home or the office.... More
800 points
32 points

Minimum quantity for "All Tea Gift Set [45 teabags]" is 1.

Hwang Cha - Gold [80g canister]

CODE: 9304

In stock
Partially oxidized and pan-fired, Hwang Cha is recognized for its elegant and bold aroma that makes a statement every time you steep it. Made with first... More
2450 points
98 points

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