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Ah In Tea Set [Set for 5]

CODE: 5027

In stock
Artist/Studio: Ah In Color/Design: Dark brown "dripping" with thick blue glaze  Includes: Tea Pot (1),  Cooling Bowl (1),  Tea Cups (5)...

All Tea Gift Set [45 teabags]


In stock
We have included a wide range of our artisan teas, tisanes and blends. Conveniently packed in teabags, making it ideal for use at home or the office....

Minimum quantity for "All Tea Gift Set [45 teabags]" is 1.


Bamboo Malcha (Powdered Green Tea) Scoop

CODE: 7020

In stock
Made from bamboo, the end of this scoop is curved to scoop the perfect amount of malcha (powdered green tea). Made in Korea. Length: 7.5"...

Barley Sprout Powder [100g polybag]

CODE: 9110

In stock
Our barley sprouts are harvested from the most pristine parts of South Korea, slightly steamed and then ground down to a fine powder. Made with 100% barley...

Borim Incense

CODE: 7101

$190.00   $175.00
In stock
The highest class of incense Korea produces today, Bo Rim contains “ool hyang” and aloe wood, also known as the king of scents, creating harmony of the body...

Brown Rice Green Tea Sampler


In stock
Origin:  South Korea Ingredients:  Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis), Roasted Brown Rice Havest Time:  summer (tea leaves)...

Minimum quantity for "Brown Rice Green Tea Sampler" is 1.

Green tea , Jaksul cha
Brown Rice Green Tea [25 teabags]

CODE: 9403

In stock
For those unaccustomed to green tea, we have carefully blended the crisp flavor of summer harvest green tea with the toasty mellow sweetness of roasted...

Brown Rice Green Tea
Brown Rice Green Tea [40g canister]

CODE: EL9215-2

In stock
For those who prefer a more rounded flavor green tea, we have a mellow yellow that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The crisp flavor of green tea is...

Chi Kang Tea Container w/ Lid - Black/Olive

CODE: 8007-B

$32.00   $21.00
In stock
Artist/Studio: Chi Kang (Kim, Pan Ki) Design/Color: Olive green (inside), Black (outside) with hand-drawn bamboo design on container and lid Size:...

Chi Kang Tea Container w/ Lid - Red/Olive

CODE: 8007-R

$32.00   $21.00
In stock
Artist/Studio: Chi Kang (Kim, Pan Ki) Design/Color: Olive green (inside), Red (outside) with hand-drawn bamboo design on container and lid Size:...

Herbal tisane
Chrysanthemum Blossom Tisane [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9318

In stock
A bright golden infusion, the color of the liquor reflects its sunny flavor profile - crisp and clear with a delicate hint of mint. Enjoy the beauty of...

Chui Woon Incense

CODE: 7104

In stock
Elements, such as sulfur and “ghang jin hyang”, helps to increase blood circulation and to soothe a tense heart.  Ingredients: Figwort...

Chung Shim Incense

CODE: 7106

In stock
Giving off a strong scent of “song pi” and dried clove buds, a popular choice for filling up large spaces with a large quantity of people. A...

Dabo Incense

CODE: 7105

In stock
Containing pine leaves, this incense purifies the air by getting rid of bacteria, increasing blood circulation. A healthier alternative to air fresheners...

Extra Large, White Cotton Place Mat


In stock
Extra large, white cotton place mat with Korean poem Translation of large text: "Like the first time" Translation of small text: "Like the first time...
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