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Oxidized tea


Hwang Cha - Gold [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9322

In stock
Smooth on the palate, the deep and complex nuances of this full-bodied Hwang Cha ends with subtly sweet finish that lingers on. We have packaged our...

Herbal tisane
Chrysanthemum Blossom Tisane [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9318

In stock
A bright golden infusion, the color of the liquor reflects its sunny flavor profile - crisp and clear with a delicate hint of mint. Enjoy the beauty of...

Powdered Green Tea - Gamnong Malcha (Ceremonial) Sampler


In stock
Partially shade grown, the tender, bright green tea leaves are hand harvested and finely stone-milled into a soft powder with all the nutrients intact....

Minimum quantity for "Powdered Green Tea - Gamnong Malcha (Ceremonial) Sampler" is 1.

Powdered Green Tea - Culinary Grade Sampler


In stock
High in antioxidants and containing just the right amount of caffeine, powdered green tea is the perfect alternative to coffee. Offered at an affordable...

Minimum quantity for "Powdered Green Tea - Culinary Grade Sampler" is 1.

[Tea Blend] Lotus Delight by Suro Cha


In stock
ORIGIN: South Korea INGREDIENTS:   Partially Oxidized Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis), Lotus Leaves, Hydrangea Leaves (hydrangea serrata)...

Ah In Tea Set [Set for 5]

CODE: 5027

In stock
Artist/Studio: Ah In Color/Design: Dark brown "dripping" with thick blue glaze  Includes: Tea Pot (1),  Cooling Bowl (1),  Tea Cups (5)...

Matcha bowl
Toin (Gim, Yeong-Seol) Ceremonial Tea Bowl - Beige

CODE: 1106

In stock
Artist/Studio: Toin (Gim, Yeong-Seol) Color/Design: Rough stone beige glaze Hand-crafted, traditional Korean malcha* (powdered green...

Green tea , Jaksul cha
Teuksun Green Tea [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9221

In stock
The delicate and sweet flavor remnants of first flush harvest leaves are interwoven beautifully with more mature, robust tones to create Teuksun . We...

Powdered Green Tea - Sweet Mix [10 stick packs]

CODE: 9603

In stock
Silky smooth, bright and sweet, this is the perfect blend of powdered green tea (origin: South Korea) with pure cane sugar. No fillers or creamers have been...

Ja Geum Incense

CODE: 7102

In stock
“Ja Geum” means the “most noble”, contains only the best elements, including aloe wood, sandalwood and “ool hyang”. Contains about 120 incense sticks....

Incense Holder Set
$14.99   $9.99
In stock
Red blossom incense holder (ceramic, hand-painted) with Wooden holder (leaf design hand-carved) Size: Incense holder - Approx. 1" diameter (center...

[Herbal Blend] 15 teabags - Hang-Over No More by Suro Cha

CODE: 9501-3

In stock
This herbal blend (from Suro Cha) of lotus leaves  persimmon leaves, hydrangea leaves and  mulberry leaves has strong, bold, herbal flavors...

Herbal tisane
Lotus Leaf Tisane [25 teabags]

CODE: 9409

In stock
Carefully cultivated and harvested from the tea gardens in the Jeonnam District, the Lotus Leaf tisane has buttery smooth notes that are elegantly balanced...

Green tea , Jaksul cha


Gamnong Green Tea [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9217

In stock
Clear as morning dew, Gamnong , a first flush tea, contains bright crisp and pure flavor tones and the soft bouquet of a spring day right after a light...

Green tea, Jaksul cha
Jaksul Green Tea Pyramid Sachet Trio

CODE: S9223

In stock
Intense flavors and an exquisite bouquet, combined together in a clear bright green, clears the mind and spirit, making it ideal for relaxation. We have...
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