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What is TEA?

For thousands of years, the Camellia Sinensis leaves have been the fundamental source for white, green, oolong, and black teas. The tea leaves resemble the delicate tongue of a sparrow, thus the name "Jaksul", which means "sparrow's tongue".

Health Benefits of Tea

People enjoy tea for various reasons. Tea can be an excuse to sit down with a friend, to relax after a long day or simply to quench a thirst. Regardless of the reason, every cup of tea holds within the secret to a healthier life. 

The name and grade of a tea depends on the time picked and the method of production. All tea coming from the camellia sinensis leaves share the same health benefits (amount of each component may vary).

Jaksul Cha (Green Tea)  *Order of Hankook Tea's Jaksul Cha, earliest to latest pick: Ujeon Gamro (special grade), Gamnong (1st flush), Teuksun/Orgnanic ChutMool (1st/2nd flush), Jungsun/Organic DooMool (2nd flush)  

Malcha (Powdered Green Tea)

Hwang Cha (Partial Oxidation)

Oolong Tea (Partial Oxidation)

Black Tea (Full Oxidation)

Pu'erh (Post Oxidation)

Brown Rice Green Tea



What is TISANE?

Tisane is the French term for aromatic or herb-flavored tea. An herb is a flowering plant whose stem above ground does not become woody; such a plant when valued for its medicinal properties, flavor, scent, or the like. (Tisanes are generally caffeine-free.)

Chrysanthemum Blossom Tisane: Curing Headaches & Dizziness
Chrysanthemum blossoms are famous for sharpening the eyes and clearing the mind. The blossoms are commonly used by Asian herbalists as a cure for headaches and dizziness. This infusion is perfect for people who have strained and fatigued eyes from staring at a computer screen or a book for long periods of time. Also, a home remedy for coughs and slight fevers. Try leaving a few dried blossoms in your pillow case and you will wake up feeling lighter and refreshed. 
Tired of being sick? Abundant in Vitamins A and C, persimmon leaves help prevent colds and strengthens the body’s immune system. Consistent intake will help lower high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis (hardening of arteries), and other adult diseases. Feeling a little bloated? This infusion is ideal for shedding a few pounds because it naturally accelerates your body’s metabolism and eliminates water retention.
Lotus Leaf tea cleans the blood and calms the soul. A cup of this tea will eliminate bad breath and remove nicotine from the body. Avoid dehydration from traveling to new places with bad water and relieve hangover symptoms with this soothing tea. Pamper yourself by adding brewed tea to your bath water will leave your skin soft and gorgeous while soothing away your rashes and skin irritations.
Contains about 10 vital components that help lower blood pressure levels and control blood sugar levels. Mulberry leaves have a high content of rutin (strengthens capillary vessels) and gaba (lowers blood pressure), both which have been shown to lower cholesterol levels and help prevent cerebral apoplexy, hypertension and arteriosclerosis.
Often referred to as Gamro Cha, this tisane comes from a specific species of hydrangea plant found in the high-altitude mountains of South Korea (not the same as the flowers found in your backyard!). This medicinal herb steeps a light golden color with a natural sweet flavor that lingers in the mouth. Shown to be effective for stopping coughs and alleviation of fever, it is also used as a natural sweetening agent (an alternative for sugar - safe for diabetics), hydrangea will purify and refresh the head and throat. Bathing or washing up in this water will cleanse the skin and drinking this infusion after eating, working out or drinking will quench thirst and soothe the body.


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