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Woonsan Nanum MalchaSet for 3

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Jang, Bong Ryong (artist name: Woonsan) has been studying the art of ceramics his whole life. His love of tea can be felt in each piece of teaware that he creates. 

All his pieces are both visually pleasing and great for everyday use.  In 1984, he created the brand "Woonsan" and started creating beautiful celadon pieces. He is currently known to produce the most exquisite celadon color, which reflects the color of the green tea the best.  

Inspired by the lotus leaf, this unique Korean malcha (powdered green tea) set allows multiple individuals to enjoy malcha tea at the same time. Prepare the malcha in the large lipped bowl and pour into the individual cups to share.

Includes: Lipped serving bowl and 3 individual cups
Size: Lipped serving bowl (diameter: 6.25", height: 3.25"); Cup (diameter: 4.5", height: 2.2") 

*Size, shape and color may vary due to the nature of the product being hand-made of natural materials.
*Malcha is the Korean pronunciation of the Hanja characters 抹茶 (matcha in Japanese, muocha in Chinese), directly translating to “powdered/ground down tea”.