All Tea Gift Set [45 teabags]


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We have included a wide range of our artisan teas, tisanes and blends. Conveniently packed in teabags, making it ideal for use at home or the office.... More
800 points
32 points

Minimum quantity for "All Tea Gift Set [45 teabags]" is 1.

Brown Rice Green Tea Sampler


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Origin:  South Korea Ingredients:  Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis), Roasted Brown Rice Havest Time:  June (tea leaves)... More
5 points

Minimum quantity for "Brown Rice Green Tea Sampler" is 1.

Brown Rice Green Tea [25 teabags]

CODE: 9403

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For those unaccustomed to green tea, we have carefully blended the crisp flavor of green tea with the toasty mellow sweetness of puffed brown rice.... More
200 points
8 points

Brown Rice Green Tea [40g canister]

CODE: EL9215-2

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For those who prefer a more rounded flavor green tea, we have a mellow yellow that is sure to be a crowd pleaser. The crisp flavor of green tea is... More
500 points
20 points

Gamnong Green Tea [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9217

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Clear as morning dew, Gamnong , a first flush tea, contains bright crisp and pure flavor tones and the soft bouquet of a spring day right after a light... More
800 points
32 points

Gamnong Green Tea [100g canister]

CODE: 9206

In stock
Hand-harvested right before and after Gokwoo * season, Gamnong is the tea of choice by tea masters in Korea and abroad. Clear as morning dew, the first... More
3500 points
140 points

Gamnong Jaksul Green Tea Sampler


In stock
Origin: South Korea (Honam Tea Estate) Ingredients: 100% Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis) Havest Time: Hand-harvested in April Grade:... More
14 points

Minimum quantity for "Gamnong Jaksul Green Tea Sampler" is 1.

Herbal Tisane Pyramid Sachet Trio

CODE: S9222

$38.99   $36.99
In stock
We have packaged our most popular artisan teas in pyramid sachets . The sachet will balloon out in a mug or teapot, allowing for the same full experience... More
1850 points
74 points

Hwang Cha - Gold Sampler

CODE: Z-HwangA

In stock
Origin: South Korea Ingredients: 100% Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis) Havest Time: Hand-harvested in April Grade: Sejak Taste: ... More
10 points

Minimum quantity for "Hwang Cha - Gold Sampler" is 1.

Hwang Cha - Gold [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9322

In stock
Smooth on the palate, the deep and complex nuances of this full-bodied Hwang Cha ends with subtly sweet finish that lingers on. We have packaged our... More
600 points
24 points

Hwang Cha - Gold [80g canister]

CODE: 9304

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Partially oxidized and pan-fired, Hwang Cha is recognized for its elegant and bold aroma that makes a statement every time you steep it. Made with first... More
2000 points
80 points

Hydrangea Leaf Tisane Sampler


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Origin: South Korea Ingredients: 100% Hydrangea Leaves (hydrangea serrata) Taste: Sweet with clean, minty feel that lifts up in back of mouth.... More
6 points

Minimum quantity for "Hydrangea Leaf Tisane Sampler" is 1.

Hydrangea Leaf Tisane [15g canister]

CODE: EL9309-2

In stock
Often referred to as Gamro Cha, this tisane comes from a specific species of hydrangea plant found in the high-altitude mountains of South Korea (not... More
850 points
34 points

Jungsun Green Tea [10 pyramid sachets]

CODE: 9222

In stock
Fragrant and bold with slight hints of hay, Jungsun has a strong first impression that will have you wanting another sip. We have packaged our most... More
500 points
20 points

Jungsun Green Tea [80g canister]

CODE: 9210

In stock
Harvested during the summer solstice , the full-bodied taste and economical pricing has made Jungsun widely popular. Fragrant and bold with slight hints... More
1150 points
46 points

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