Tea Ware

Toin Tea Set w/ Western Handle [Set for 3] - Beige

CODE: 3011W

$99.00   $79.99
In stock
Artist/Studio: Toin (Gim, Yeong-Seol) Color/Design: Beige, Teapot with Western (side) handle Includes: Tea Pot (1),  Cooling Bowl... More
4000 points
160 points

Duri Tobang Tea Set [Set for 5]

CODE: 5011

$126.00   $99.99
In stock
Artist/Studio: Duri Tobang (Jung, Chul Soo, aka Mong Hyang) Color/Design: Rough glaze, Brown with cream color inside, Beige swish design on teapot... More
5000 points
200 points

Ah In Tea Set [Set for 5]

CODE: 5027

$270.00   $199.99
In stock
Artist/Studio: Ah In Color/Design: Dark brown "dripping" with thick blue glaze  Includes: Tea Pot (1),  Cooling Bowl (1),  Tea Cups (5)... More
10000 points
400 points

Single Layered Traditional Wooden Cookie Cutter

CODE: 8254

In stock
Mold for creating beautiful and delcious "dasik" (tea treats).
1000 points
40 points

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