Oxidized tea
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Hwang Cha [25 teabags]

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Smooth on the palate, the deep and complex nuances of this full-bodied Hwang Cha ends with a subtly sweet finish that lingers on.

Grand Master of Traditional Foods a distinguished title given to individuals in recognition of their extraordinary contributions in protecting and preserving the nation's traditional agricultural methods, manufacturing processes and unique tastes of Korean culture. Since 1994, in effort to protect & preserve Korean food traditions, the South Korea Ministry of Agriculture has recognized the individuals. Hankook Tea holds the title for this hwang cha as well as malcha (powdered green tea).

[Contains 25 teabags]

Origin: South Korea (Honam Tea Estates)

Ingredients: 100% Tea Leaves (camellia sinensis)

Havest Time: June

Grade: Joongjak

Taste: Smooth on the palate, the complex nuances of roasted, fruity and a tinge of chocolate end with a subtly sweet finish that lingers on.



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