Geum San Tea Set [Set for 5]

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Artist/Studio: Geum San
Color/Design: White with signature "cracked" glaze

Includes: Tea Pot (1), Cooling Bowl (1), Tea Cups (5)

*Size, shape and color may vary due to the nature of the product being hand-made of natural materials.


"Imagine the earnest heart of a small child chasing after the end of the rainbow, searching for the ever-so elusive pot of gold. The child knows in the back of his mind the impossibility of the task, for what seems to be frustratingly close is always just out of reach. Still, the child carefully treads along his uncertain journey, because his heart dreams of the hope of what might be. A potter’s philosophical journey is like the child’s quest. As the potter works with his hands and tools, pouring his heart into a small lump of clay, he dreams of an aesthetic expression of his soul. A little unsure but driven by his hopes, the clay takes forms and a life of its own until a piece is created that exceeds the potter’s expectations. After many tedious hours, fate brings the potter to the end of the rainbow and in his hands, a piece of the pot of gold." - Geum San (Yang, Gae Seung)


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