Gachun Tea Set [Set for 5]

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Artist/Studio: GaChun (Song, Ki Young)
Color: Dark brown with golden patterns, Celadon green inside

Includes: Tea Pot (1), Cooling Bowl (1), Tea Cups (5)

*Size, shape and color may vary due to the nature of the product being hand-made of natural materials.

"Individualistic, my collection does not echo or follow the trends of other artists. The contours and glazes of each piece were personally developed to create bold signature designs.

For thirty years, I immersed my body and soul to the production of ceramics. Living in a world composed of clay, fire and glazes, my hair had turned, unnoticed, into white.

I sincerely hope that my pottery embodies and reflects my artistic maturation and dedication to the art." - Ga Chun (Song, Ki Young)


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