Duri Tobang Tea Set [Set for 5]

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Artist/Studio: Duri Tobang (Jung, Chul Soo, aka Mong Hyang)
Color/Design: Rough glaze, Brown with cream color inside, Beige swish design on teapot

 Includes: Tea Pot (1), Cooling Bowl (1), Tea Cups (5)

*Size, shape and color may vary due to the nature of the product being hand-made of natural materials.

"Molding and shaping clay to take a specific form is what brings joy to the potter. As a potter, I find joy when people find satisfaction using my tea ware to serve tea, or when other ceramic artists recognize my work. For these reasons, I always keep in mind my appreciation towards clay, the source of my happiness. Pottery kept on a shelf is lifeless and has yet to grow. Good pottery is defined as a person’s attachment grows with every use and the subtle beauty is increased with daily life and wear. Handles worn down with love or small cracks around the edges are what makes tea ware beautiful. These details embody the many shared conversations and laughter among friends and loved ones."

Studio Name: Duri Tobang
Artist Name: Mong Hyang Jung, Chul Soo (몽향 정철수)
Graduated from Dongguk Fine Arts Graduate Studies (Buddhist Fine Arts Major).
1975 Established Mooahn Celadon Research Center in province of Jeonnam 
1976-96  Honored with 15 Awards from various fine art exhibitions and competitions
1979 Started tenure as a professor of Ceramic Arts at Mokpo University
1982 Nominated for National Korean Fine Arts Exhibition
1982 Invited to National Korean Traditional Fine Arts Exhibition
1984 Founded Duri Tobang (Everyday Ceramics)
1988 Works displayed at Gwangju’s 80th Modern 80 Artists Invitational Exhibition

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