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We have included a wide range of our artisan teas, tisanes and blends. Conveniently packed in teabags, making it ideal for use at home or the office.

Jaksul Green Tea Our artisan green tea, harvested in spring and summer[Contains 10 teabags]

Hwang Cha - Partially oxidized tea - Smooth on the palate, the deep and complex nuances of this full-bodied Hwang Cha ends with subtly sweet finish that lingers on.[Contains 10 teabags]

Persimmon Leaf Tisane Sweet at first, this persimmon leaf tisane rounds out nicely at the back of the mouth and throat with a whisper of spiciness and a clean finish. Abundant in vitamins A & C, helps to strengthen the immune system, speed up metabolism, and eliminate water retention to decrease bloating. [Contains 10 teabags]

Brown Rice Green Tea For those unaccustomed to green tea, we have carefully blended the crisp flavor of green tea with the toasty mellow sweetness of puffed brown rice[Contains 5 teabags]

Lotus Leaf Tisane Carefully cultivated and harvested from the tea gardens in the Chonnam District, the Lotus Leaf tea has buttery smooth notes that are elegantly balanced by the lightest touch of semi-brisk notes of dried hay. Lotus leaf has been shown to be effective in cleansing the blood. It helps to eliminate bad breath, remove nicotine from the body and relieve hangover symptoms. Adding it to bath water will help exfoliate, leaving the skin soft and gorgeous while soothing away rashes and skin irritations (use teabag for easy clean-up). [Contains 5 teabags]

Black Tea - Black tea from Korea[Contains 5 teabags]

[Gift Set contains total of 45 teabags]

 *Click here to see the health benefits of our teas & tisanes!



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